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Of course we can't predict predict the future, but here are our plans:

Object Tools remains committed to Visual Eiffel. We will:

  • integrate changes contributed by users with work done by our own developers,
  • package Visual Eiffel into new releases from time to time
  • support Visual Eiffel on Windows, Linux and the (soon to be released) Intel-based Apple Mac systems. Commercial customers receive guaranteed support through support contracts. We support other users through the Visual Eiffel mailing list.

We have released Visual Eiffel as open source with a split license because Eiffel is (we think) the best object oriented language available now, and should be supported by a "real" open source project.

The advantages of open sourcing Visual Eiffel are simple:

  • The larger user base will increase the vitality of Visual Eiffel
  • It secures the investment for our commercial customers - we can't stop support from now on (and if we did, someone else would take over)
  • It will help Eiffel to become more recognised. For us, Eiffel is not a privately owned tool but a great language! Such a language deserves an open source development system
  • Visual Eiffel will become more user driven. If you have an idea or if you want a special modification, put it in! Everyone can use it - and maybe your extension will be included in the next release
  • Integration of parts into other systems becomes easy - there are plenty of of environments where this would be worthwhile

We could continue - but there is no need to promote the idea of Open Source here - other people have done it better than we can do. So, go on and participate !

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